Our Don Imus DTs

Apparently a lot of people are wanting their morning I-man fix.

Of the almost 1,000 visits to my small blog, 400 persons from all over the country have come looking for any word they can get on Don Imus.

A visitor from High Point, N.C., put my blog link on an insidecable.com comment page, and that link alone drew 200 visitors to my post “Game of gossip or good news?” (LINK), speculation that Imus will return to broadcasting in the fall.

A check of insidecable.com yielded a new comment page with the questions:

“For those who watched it this morning, what were your impressions of David Gregory doing the “Imus slot” this morning, which was simulcast on WFAN? And, what did you think of seeing holdovers from the Imus show popping up on the air?”

To read comments of fellow I-fans: LINK
To view my posts on the I-man, see the “defending don imus links” in the left-hand column of my blog (under the photo and counters).

Come on, Capus, I like Gregory, but my morning biscuits, eggs and bacon aren’t the same without the I-man’s grit!



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Anonymous said...

There has never been or never will be an interviewer like Imus. Imagine him with Jerry Senfeld and Chris Rock this morning. What a fun time that would have been! Gregory can be a fun guy, but he's a veteran news reporter, and his interview with these two stars proved he is no Imus. Missing the fun, the music, the interviews and the rants.

Maggie Seaton

Anonymous said...

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