'DC Idol'

“Countdown with Keith Olbermann” is running its own version of the popular “American Idol.” Click on this link and vote for your favorite “DC Idol” music star: LINK (Scroll down and click on "Countdown's DC Idol.")


Anonymous said...

Clinton sings like Frodo. Definitely 5th place.

Anonymous said...

Clinton seemed both embarrassed and humbled by the invitation to sing. He tried to stay in the background of the talented singer instead of trying to upstage her. For that I give him first place. But my advice: Keep the job you have, Pres. Clinton, or stick with playing the saxophone in public. A lot of us just weren't blessed with a good singing voice. Ask me how I know. Jan's shower head even spews and sputters if I try to sing in the shower!

Sir Cumspect said...

I voted for John Ashcroft. I actually like his song and his singing voice. (Don't miss his nervous speaking voice, though.) BJ