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Here are the answers to yesterday’s pop quiz:

Q: In a recent CNN poll what percentage of Americans approve of granting illegal immigrants earned citizenship?
A: 80 percent.

Q: What are “lily pads”?
A: NPR reports one scenario the Pentagon is considering would maintain a strong U.S. military presence in Iraq for several decades. This so-called "lily pad" strategy entails keeping a "series of military installations around Iraq," manned by tens of thousands of U.S. troops.

Q: Why is the head of the National Hurricane Center ticked off at superiors at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)?
A: With FEMA blaming a “lack of sufficient funds” for dragging its feet on hurricane preparedness, Bill Proenza, director of the National Hurricane Center on Tuesday "lashed out at his superiors in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration," complaining that they plan to spend $4 million on a 200-year anniversary celebration while shortchanging hurricane research by about $700,000.”

Q: What is the current minimum food stamp benefit?
A: $10 a month.

Q: The average price of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.22 a gallon. That ties the record established in what year?
A: 1981

Q: How many Americans are being held hostage in Iraq?
A: 27 U.S military, business personnel and contractors are being held worldwide, a figure which includes 19 in Iraq.

Q: How did Rudy Giuliani fail “Ground Zero” workers?
A. The New York Times: "As more and more workers who inhaled the dust at Ground Zero fall ill, it has become increasingly clear that much of the problem can be traced to the Giuliani administration's failure to insist that all emergency personnel and construction workers at the site wear respirators."

Q: In which state did a state senator propose deporting all illegal immigrants?
A: Georgia, Mr. Frodo!

Q: What current Bush administration official, in 1996, wrote in the American Enterprise, magazine of the conservative think tank, “"I'll never hire another woman, because they just get pregnant and leave"?
A: Bush's chief domestic policy adviser Karl Zinmeister.

Q. For extra credit: what media mogul’s daughter claims her father is motivated by "what media can do in terms of empowering individuals"?
A: News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch, owner of newspapers, satellite TV, Fox TV, Fox affiliate stations, National Geographic and TV Guide channels, “American Idol” and Fox News, among a multitude of other media outlets reaching billions of people around the world.

Answers appeared in the 22 May 2007 issue of THE PROGRESS REPORT, Center for American Progress.

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Anonymous said...

Ah Sir Cumspect, you've forgotten your Frodo lesson that Georgia is the state that allows "banishment". Bad people can be released from jail in Macon, and if they promise not to return, driven to Atlanta, and dropped on a street corner. So why not pack up our Mexicans and drop them off in Charleston? Makes perfect sense to anybody who voted for George W. Bush, twice.