Sounds familiar!

Portions of The New York Times’ lead editorial today sound an awful lot like my post, “In Defense of Barack Obama” on 14 April (LINK)

Read the NYT editorial: LINK

The NYT and I agree Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have better fish to fry than to be going after each other over guns and religion.

Watch the debate between the two Democratic contenders TONIGHT on ABC at 8 ET/PT. Moderators will be Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos.


Jan said...

Gal, you are Johnny-0n-the-spot. You get these alerts to us post haste. Thanks for the heads-up. And thank you for always giving us pertinent facts to help us separate the chaff from the wheat.

Papamoka said...

I'll be watching and thank you for the update! I totally forgot?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, BJ! We will certainly be watching - also waiting to hear any comments you may have on your next post! Faye

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