My left eye

Thought I would follow up with the report I got yesterday on the problem with my left eye – my so-called “good eye,” but first a little math.

Five minutes ago, Forbes reported the cost of oil has reached an all-time high at $113 a barrel.

The price of the antibiotic eyedrops needed to treat my eye is $3,090,278.40 a barrel. I figured it up.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I haven’t had a prescription filled in years. I’ll get over the shock in a week or two.

The retina specialist says I have an infection which can be a “recurring condition” and has a name so long I didn’t think it worth the effort to remember.

The feeling of having something in the eye is being caused by a "swollen area" on my eyeball. Nice.

A week of the eyedrops should clear up the infection and, hopefully, the blurring which has greatly hamped my computer activity of late.

$3,090,278.40 a barrel. My God!


bbj said...

Ohhhh, BJ -- so sorry! Get well soon.

Jan said...

Sure hope those eye drops give you a quick healing of the agitation you've been enduring. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. Jan

Eowyn said...

Hey, am I out in left field here, or is that good news? It's an infection, not a further degeneration. Your vision will clear to some extent? You have a lot of work to do, we cannot do without your insights here.

Anonymous said...

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