I am sorry to say I fell asleep about 15 minutes into last night’s Democratic debate in Philadelphia, but not before I saw where it was going.

Apparently, ABC went negative in a crucial moment when the candidates – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – needed to fine tune their differences and show the nation theirs is a better way.

I stayed up until 3 a.m., hoping ABC would reair the show, but the network felt it more important to show infomercials, or “paid programming” as it’s called now.

The transcript (LINK), copied and pasted to Microsoft Word on 18-point font is 101 pages – and so much is lost in a written transcript. But, I will read it.

I very much would like your take on the debate. To comment, click on “Comments” below, type in your comment, select “Name/URL,” and when the new screen comes up, scroll up until you see a place on the right to type in your name, then click on “Publish.”

I look forward to what YOU have to say!


airth10 said...

I also fell asleep.

The Economist said it was a bizarre debate. '....the moderators threw an odd bag of unexpected identity-politics questions at the candidates for a full hour, before turning to high-minded policy."

Papamoka said...

I fell asleep at 7:30 so I really can't help you BJ!

bbj said...

I can't help you either, BJ. I had handbell rehearsal last night, followed by choir practice, followed by a quick dinner out. It was all over when I got home. :(

B.J. said...

My niece called earlier. She fell asleep during the debate, too. I think we are all suffering from a chronic case of campaign burnout! I will be very happy when it all shakes out! I can tell you this: I heard the first couple of questions. I think they had asked Obama about the Rev. Wright. After he answered, Hillary was given a chance for rebuttal. She went negative. I think she missed an opportunity to set the tone for the debate by answering: "Hey, boys, let's not go negative; this needs to be a positive debate on the issues that matter." I am disappointed that she missed the opportunity. That might have been when I nodded off. This crap is going to keep up until McCain takes the oath of office. Then, I will have to do myself in - can't take eight more years of Bush, LOL. BJ

Eowyn said...

Well, if you of all people fell asleep, what does that tell you about that particular program. I noticed an article on the Net that points out the comments to ABC, negative, were like a tidal wave. People all over the country zzzzzeed out by the same old stupid concerns people don't care about to begin with--better part of an hour, I guess.

You know, this is getting to be like The Perfect Storm. Everything is starting to work together to make these two Democrats look weak, and McCain look like a President. The candidates themselves seem to contribute! Punch Drunk?

Jan said...

Jan didn't see it either, but she gives thanks to the Powers That Be for missing it. Reason: She read "An Open Letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos" by Will Bunch in "The Philidelphia Daily News." Will Bunch is journalist from that area and he reamed them new ones in that article posted on Truth Out. You might want to read it for yourself. Jan

B.J. said...

Jan, I just read Tom Shales’ critique, “In Pa. Debate, the Clear Loser Is ABC” (WaPo today). I’ll email it to you. He apparently is an Obama supporter, and he’s not happy.

Eowyn, I fell asleep, because I have a very comfortable loveseat and was totally relaxed, not because of the debate, LOL. In fact, this is one I wish I had seen, because it’s getting an awful lot of publicity, and I like to hear things in context, not just soundbites or someone’s slanted conclusions.


bja said...

I'm ashamed to say I was wide awake and doing things around the house. Would love to help you out because I know how much you love this stuff!

Frododisneylandius said...

Frodo was three hours behind all the rest of you. Today, Sam Nunn, David Boren, and Robert Reich announced their support for Barack Obama. Think about why that might have happened. Maybe it was Howard Dean's influence? And maybe it was something else. Frodo returns to the Shire on Sunday.

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