He can't win

“He can’t win,” the media quoted Hillary Clinton. Hillary said her “I can win” statements have morphed into “He can’t win.”

Another racial slur by the Clintons, the media are claiming.

First, Bill and Hillary Clinton are not racist. I have said all along that he can’t win, and it sure has nothing to do with race.

What I have said, to make it very clear, is: this country does not elect a candidate perceived to be far left and anti-war. For far too many Americans, “liberal” is a curse word.

Of the following Democratic nominees, which ones most closely resemble Barack Obama’s political stance, and which resemble Hillary Clinton’s?

1968 – Hubert Humphrey (Richard Nixon won)
1972 – George McGovern (Richard Nixon won)
1976 – Jimmy Carter (Gerald Ford lost)
1980 – Jimmy Carter (Ronald Reagan won)
1984 – Walter Mondale (Ronald Reagan won)
1988 – Michael Dukakis (George H. W. Bush won)
1992 – Bill Clinton (George H. W. Bush lost)
1996 – Bill Clinton (Bob Dole lost)
2000 – Al Gore (George W. Bush won*)
2004 – John Kerry (George W. Bush won)

Now, look back over the Republicans to see how many losers closely resemble John McCain. With all due respect for McCain’s POW years, an examination of the winners shows military service hasn't always mattered in the voting booth.

Notice who won and who lost?

Carter, in retrospect, seems the lone exception. At the time, though, he was the bright young chairman of the Democratic National Campaign Committee, a former Naval lieutenant who had worked with Admiral Rickover in developing our nuclear submarine program, a farmer and former Georgia governor. Like Obi-wan Kenobi, “our only hope.” (Now, like Bill Clinton, Carter is the brunt of right-wing attacks and media jokes, despite his post-presidential good works.)

Here’s a quote at the time by Carter campaign pollster Patrick Caddell (LINK):

"If it weren't for the country looking for something in '76, Carter could never have gotten elected. He would never have been allowed out of the box. No one would have paid attention to him."

This country definitely is “looking for something” after Bush and Cheney, and Obama might ride that wave to the White House.

Frankly, after voting for seven losers in the last 10 elections, I am ready to vote for a winner again!

In my heart, I just don’t think Obama can pull it off.

Overriding all these considerations is the fact that this country is facing hard times, and we had better think long and hard about who is best qualified and most capable to guide us through them.

(Footnote: In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote by 540,520 votes, but SCOTUS gave the election to Bush.)


airth10 said...

I also in my heart don't think Obama can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

You are right that so many people want change and that is why Obama is so popular. I have talked with several young people and realize that they think a vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill therefore no change has occured. Hillary has worked very hard to find out what this country needs (as well as Obama) but she was able to observe the good and bad of Bill's presidency first hand. Thus creating a true visionary able to implement these wonderful ideals of change for which we are so desperately searching.

My two cents... PDH

Anonymous said...

There are several factors going against Hussein. The least of which is race. He is a very shallow person with no experience, and in no position to be leading the most powerful country in the world. He wants "change" but is not willing to disassociate himself from his racist pastor. He is where he is because he is a master orator, but that's it, he talks a good game, but where's the beef?

Delta Judge

Anonymous said...

Carter did not work with Rickover "to develop or nuclear submarine program" - he was a very junior officer under Rickover and played no major role in that program

Frodo Examinus said...

The analysis is sound. Frodo's caution, when it relates to human behavior, is that any scientific analysis requires that all variables be considered. That is, of course, almost impossible when it comes to everything from the weather to PMS. Frodo, in his attempt to avoid sounding like a pundit, points to the anomalies and how they relate to what has taken place before. So, my good friend, take what you have said, and factor in the increased voter participation/registration in each State, so far. The increase in Hawaii, for simplicity sake, tells us something. In 2004, 4000 votes were cast in the Democratic Primary; in 2008 the tabulation was 37,000 (almost a ten-fold increase).
Frodo is not prepared to say that the unique aspect of all these new voters changes all the dynamics. But he is prepared to say that all the old rules no longer stand alone.
Despite Mrs. Senator Clinton's protestations, Frodo says "Yes He Can."
P.S. ask the Delta Judge if he feels that Abraham Lincoln was too inexperienced? He probably knows that Obama is longer-served in government than was Lincoln.

B.J. said...

Anon, several online biographies of Jimmy Carter are available via a google search. I am unable to put a link that works within the comments field, but here is a direct quote from one biography:

“(Carter) received a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1946. He later did graduate work in nuclear physics at Union College.
During his naval career he lived in many parts of the United States and served around the world, including the Far East. He rose to the rank of lieutenant (senior grade), working under Admiral Hyman Rickover in the development of the nuclear submarine program.”


Eowyn said...

You know, I think that Obama is in serious trouble now not because he is black, but because the thought has been raised that his presidency would be dominated by racial issues when we are all desperate to deal with finance, war and jobs. And, there is the add-on issue that we have been dealing with the race issue for decades. I don't think that would be what he would choose to devote the majority of his time to--but he would be nailed with these issues, much the way Bill Clinton was blind-sided by issues in his time.

I noticed a note in the write-ins in Time which suggested that though a brain surgeon's wife may sit in on all the operations, you may not want her handling the tools. Hillary's experience is real, but who wouldn't have allowed it? There would have been a cast of thousands in the wings making it go right. Test case? Go try to have those experiences yourself, as not first lady.

My point is I'm starting to see where the Democratic candidates will be hit. We can pretend we don't see, but it is still worrisome.

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