Giddy ditty or rhyme of reason?

Throughout the day and half the night,
MSNBC joined in the fight
To boost Obama in P-A;
He’s closing the gap, they did say.

They crunched the numbers all day long,
“Obama’s a shoo-in, he can’t go wrong.”
You’d think these overzealous fools
Would stop and read the DNC rules.

Tim and Tom, Keith and Chris
Juggling numbers would insist
She cannot win the nomination;
Obama is the big sensation.

As soon as the last vote was cast,
Keith could announce at last,
To the delight of one and all,
“This race is too close to call.”

As they critiqued and harangued,
Keith said, “The terminolgy’s changed,”
The vote’s not close after all,
“This race is too early to call.”

As the tally monted, keeping score,
Keith said, “The margin’s down to four!”
MSNBC’s boys began to fidget;
“She cannot get a double digit.”

I saw this sideshow in New Hampshire,
And one thing is for damn sure:
Despite the spin, when votes were in,
Hillary was a perfect 10.

She told supporters, “The tide is turning.”
Across this nation there’s a yearning –
A growing sense of finality –
For a fighter who’ll deal with reality.

Her speech was “great,” Chris admitted.
Keith opined, she’s not acquitted.
With the panache of a Hulk Hogan,
He declared she “mocked Obama’s slogan.”

“He’s got the crowds, He’s got the money. He’s got the media,” but ain’t it funny,
Buchanan asked his TV mates,
“Why can’t he win the bigger states?”

They closed their anti-Hillary blitz
Demanding that she call it quits.
The jig’s up, boys, you cannot spin it,
The lady’s tough; she’s in it to win it!


Eowyn said...

I don't know quite how to articulate this. But what you find in their tone is what has appeared in yours and increased along the way.

It's a political contest, a fight that everyone is working very hard. The primary is way too long. Etc. Etc. Positions pro and con are strong. But, the slanted emotional put-down In Totality doesn't wash anywhere.

You are a journalist and an avid supporter of one of the candidates; don't those positions mesh?

B.J. said...

Eowyn: It’s a shame you don’t own a TV. Yes, I’m a journalist. Anyone who watched MSNBC yesterday and last night would know I have recorded the primary coverage accurately. As a journalist, I am interested in media ethics, a point I’ve made on this blog many times – one that has been sorely overlooked with pro-Obama comments which never even broached the point of said posts.

As a working journalist I adhered to stict objectivity. A blog, as an editorial or a column, is a place to express opinions on issues. If you want straight news, go to cnn.com or nytimes.com.


Papamoka said...

Have you looked at the mathmatical probablities for Clinton to actually win?

I watched the return results last night on CNN and MSNBC and I found that the coverage was slanted heavily towards talking about McCain on CNN and Hillary is back on MSNBC. All day long it was a love fest of Hillary and the PA vote as if this put her over the top in delegates. It didn't.

Clinton would have to win every single election by 32 points or better to get just a few delegates over Obama. Numbers don't lie so I tend to think she is playing the spoiler.

Just my thoughts, call me a jerk.

bbj said...

BJ -- what fun you had with your verse! This one was my fave:

I saw this sideshow in New Hampshire,
And one thing is for damn sure:
Despite the spin, when votes were in,
Hillary was a perfect 10.

You're right. A blog is for your personal opinions and a place where you can have FUN! That's what I took from your "poem."

I will definitely vote for Obama if he's the Dem nominee . . . and when it gets down to it, I think most Hillary supporters will too. I hope Obama supporters will do the same. I'm sad about the conflict, but as you said earlier, conflict sells.

Unfortunately, conflict also produces votes, but I'll never understand that part of politics . . .

B.J. said...

From the very first mention of this nomination process on this blog, I have:

• Given my reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton.
• Have said the Democratic Party is very blessed to have such outstanding candidates in this race.
• Have stated many times I will gladly vote for the Party’s nominee.
• And, have firmly insisted a McCain presidency would be disastrous for this country.

My beef is with the media. I don’t know how I could have made this any clearer. Bias and commentary have seeped into cable news reporting at the expense of viewers being informed, and that’s regrettable.


Jan said...

A poet in the corner
Sitting on her throne
Some like her verse,
Others not her tone.

Give the lady credit.
She's got a lot of grit
Join in her jubilation
She made another hit.

PA is behind her
Indiana in the fore
And if Hillary gets the numbers,
BJ will shout some more!

She's earned her celebration
So join her in her fun
It's better than Obama's
"Annie get your gun."

Frodolinconesque said...

Don't you think that sometimes the media guys and gals just get bored? Maybe Obama caught their sails simply because he wanted to "move on" to a different way of doing things? When Frodo looks at John McCain he sees Dwight Eisenhower. When he looks at Hillary Clinton (with all due apologies) he sees Richard Nixon. Maybe the media guys and gals see through Frodo's eyes?

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