No fooling, a bit of good news

This election cycle might be one of the greatest red herrings of our time, drawing the politically engaged away from the continuing day-to-day shenanigans of the Bush administration.

Whether it’s Bush attempting to ram through a pro-torture Justice Department nominee or just the lack of attention to the many unresolved scandals which have permeated his administration, some of us are missing a beat or two when it comes to keeping up.

Not so with the folks at the Center for American Progress, whose daily newsletter “The Progress Report” makes every effort to stay on top of all current issues.

This morning I took some time to catch up on several editions of the Report and found, among the on-going Iraq and economic woes, a bit of good news.

Reuters reported on 27 March (LINK):

“New Orleans, abandoned by thousands of residents after destructive floods and hurricanes in 2005, was one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States last year, according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau Thursday.

“The Louisiana city's population climbed by 4 percent, with an increase of 39,885 residents between July 2006 and July 2007, making it the eighth fastest growing metro area in the country, the bureau said.”

A 2006 study estimated fewer than 200,000 people were living in New Orleans, down from 485,000 in 2000.

According to the bureau, eight of the 10 cities with the highest population growth are located in the South, a fact that bodes well for the re-emergence of the Crescent City as a major U.S. port and commerce hub.

Let’s hope, with growth, the culture and cuisine which has made New Orleans one of America’s great tourist destinations is preserved.

Laissez le bon temps roulet!


airth10 said...

Another piece of good news is that the housing secretary, Alphonso Jackson, resigned. He was another sleaze-ball character in the Bush administration.

Frodo Deductus said...

Eh la bas! Keep off the neutral ground when you go by yo' Mama's house to take her to make groceries. Be sure and pick up some mynez.
Frodo laments the passing of Mr. Al Copeland, founder of Popeye's, maker of the best spicy chicken commercially distributed.
Frodo is engaged in the creative art of tax preparation and is not of fit humor for the next day or so.
Please pass him a wing.

Jan said...

Jan hopes New Orleans make a big comeback too.

She also agrees with Frodo that Popeye's makes the best spicy chicken. Same goes for their dirty rice toooooo! Ummmmmmmm-good. Pass these wings to Frodo.

Jan agrees with arith10 on the departure of Alphonso Jcakson from the housing department. It's appropriate to sing: "They are going down the slime pole one by one, with their character exposed by morning's sun..."

Yesterday, Dubya got a big serving of just deserts at the ball game! Jan doubts he was singing, "Take me out to the ballgame" today.

B.J. said...

I got more than a few Jackson, Miss., friends addicted to Popeye’s chicken livers and dirty rice! The trick the manager told me was to “tell the cook to set the timer one time” on the livers. I could eat a sackful right now!

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