The press has had a role in American politics since this nation was founded. In pre-broadcast days, back in the days of “yellow journalism,” publishers made no attempt to limit endorsements of candidates to editorial pages.

An excellent source on how the press can control American politics is the book, “The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst” by David Nasaw. Argueably, Hearst’s most famous quote came in reference to the Spanish-American War, when he told a staff photographer, “You provide the photos; I’ll provide the war.”

For the first time in American history, with both an African-American and a female vying for the presidency, racism and sexism are issues to be confronted.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosted an excellent special, “Uncovering America: Race, Gender and Politics,” Friday night, 15 February 2008. Expand your mind: read the transcript.

Apparently, in covering the candidacies of Barack Obam and Hillary Rodham Clinton, cable news, which has made no pretext at objectivity, has decided that while racist remarks are certainly taboo, sexist remarks against Senator Clinton are “fair game.”

Media Matters for America, which has faithfully documented such off-putting remarks by MSNBC personalities, takes a look at a media watchdog program, which aired Friday on WNYC, in an article titled, “MSNBC's pattern of sexist/misogynistic comments highlighted.” READ THE ARTICLE.

A program guest, Rachael Sklar, Huffington Post media editor, talks about MSNBC’s pattern of gender-bashing and, hence, Hillary-bashing:

“Chris Matthews, the day after the New Hampshire primary and Hillary Clinton's victory, made the comment that she was basically where she was, quote, ‘because her husband messed around.’ And, Media Matters, which gets its teeth into these things and really shakes its head furiously, generated post after post about things that Chris Matthews had said, things that other people on MSNBC had said, comments from Joe Scarborough, comments from Tucker Carlson, very specific and discrete situations, but, when you put them all together, did seem to call for some sort of response.”

Chris Matthews, apparently under pressure, half-heartedly apologized for that particular remark. Reporter David Shuster sincerely apologized for trying to "be hip” when he suggested the Clintons were “pimping out” daughter Chelsea on the campaign trail. (Trying to be “hip” got Don Imus fired from MSNBC.) Shuster, whose reporting talents I admire, has been suspended until next week, while the egregious and on-going remarks by Matthews have gone unpunished.

A defensive Matthews had this to say Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (LINK):

“What she (Hillary Clinton) has to do is get rid of the kneecappers that work for her, these press people whose main job seems to be punishing Obama or going after the press, to building a positive case for her. I just don't think the kneecapping has worked. I think her press relations are lousy.

“I think if all you do is intimidate and punish and claim you'll get even relentlessly, people - all kinds of politicians, and, in full fairness, the press - human reaction to intimidation is, ‘SCREW YOU!’ (Emphasis Matthews’)“

Matthews’ sexism was apparent long before this campaign began. His snide remarks to veteran journalist Andrea Mitchell while ignoring her in an otherwise all-male panel of guests come to mind. Matthews, smart women who have something to contribute to your program don’t need you telling them how “pretty” they are.

Accepting such remarks by this sexist jerk and his MSNBC colleagues just because they benefit your candidate is UNACCEPTABLE!

Bill Clinton has a right to be angry: I sure as hell am!


Anonymous said...

Great post, BJ. Jan gives you credit for the good coverage you have put forth. Hopefully, the ones who call themselves journalists will get the message and either get their act together or get out of town.

It's time to clean house in all sorts of places, including the so-called media. If they won't write it and speak it, show them that someone else can.


Anonymous said...

If you are happy with what you say, and you think Hillary would find your comments supportive of herself as a person and a candidate--then that is all that matters. You are the journalist, is this how you want to comment on the primary? Eowyn

B.J. said...


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