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“ ‘Maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow,’ she said tartly in the debate here Tuesday night. She peevishly and pointlessly complained about getting the first question too often, implying that the moderators of MSNBC — a channel her campaign has complained has been sexist — are giving Obama an easy ride.

“Beating on the press is the lamest thing you can do. It is only because of the utter open-mindedness of the press that Hillary can lose 11 contests in a row and still be treated as a contender.”

I snatched these two paragraphs out of New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd’s anti-Clintons regurgitations this morning. (If you have an appetite for vitriol and vomit, you can read her here.)

That “contender” remark is pretty lame itself. That status is granted by voters, not the press.

“ … implying that the moderators of MSNBC — a channel her campaign has complained has been sexist — are giving Obama an easy ride.”


Apparently, Ms. Dowd doesn’t spend a lot of time – as I do – watching campaign coverage on MSNBC.

Then, too, Ms. Dowd, whose attacks on Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky affair are legend, has never forgiven Hillary for keeping her wedding vow. You know, “for better or for worse.”

While MSNBC spent the entire day yesterday beating Hillary Clinton into the ground and extolling Obama, regular viewers who see through the bias knew that Brian Williams and Tim Russert were locked head-to-head, trying to formulate THE question that could bring Senator Clinton’s campaign to its end.

Around mid-afternoon I sent an email to Hillary supporters on my list: “Keep an eye on Tim Russert.”

“Beating on the press is the lamest thing you can do.”

Come on, Mo, you’re a smarter woman than that.

Hillary was not, to use Barack’s word, “whining.” What she said, to use yours, was not “pointless.” She looked Tim Russert in the eye and gave him notice: “I am ready for you!”

And, Mr. Russert got her drift.

So, what, I’m sure, seemed to some another “silly season” remark set the “tone” for the evening and gave us – in this third meeting of the Democratic contenders – a real debate.

Now, Ms. Dowd, if you want to talk about who is “beating on” who, meet me in Ohio on March 4.

To paraphrase “The Godfather:”

“Leave the keyboard, bring the TV.”


bbj said...

BJ, girl, Clinton needs to put you on staff. You are good!

airth10 said...

I am glad your are beating up on Maureen Dowd. It's been hard to stomach her lately. And the great op-ed people of The NYT seem to be disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Jan thinks you should have snatched Maureen Dowd and fed her the NYT to see if she could stomach it. Jan likes both Clinton and Obama.

However, it doesn't take an Einstein to recognize the bias and prejudice constantly heaped on Clinton. Seldom does she get an encouraging word from the heavily over-populated, misogynistic male media. Nor do they utter a word of praise or credit for the work she has accomplished. Perhaps that is due to most of her work being done to benefit women and children

Jan wonders if their wives and daughters get the same kind of constant bashing since they seem to have such low regard for the female population. They are quick with their disparing words and so eager to spit them out they foam at the mouth as they engage in out shouting each other.

Perhaps training in listening and maturity would enhance their own lives. Sensitivity classes might help also. No parent in their right mind would want any of them to be a role model for their sons and daughters.

Roger Connor said...

Is it just me or did anyone notice how many times Hillary and Barack were asked the same question, and she would answer, then he would answer almost quoting what she had just said word for word? MSNBC has been in full "Obama won last night" mode today.

Athena said...

You make great points! It is strange that a competent woman such as Hillary is the target of so much ire. She is ten times the "man" as Bush and of course Tim and the rest do not disparage Bush the "gibberish sayer" so openly. Evolve guys!!

I would like to see a PhD Freudian psychoanalyst's interpretations of this behavior.

Excellent work BJ, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Roger, that wuz why they ask Miz. Clinton the questions first. That wuz clear as a bell. That's why she called Russert and Williams
on it.

Then she gits nailed to the cross for bringin it to the tention of them and the people watchin. Chris Matthews jumped on that like stink on poop. Shows ya how stupid that bunch of pundits is. They gist don't git it .

Un Tim Russert, grinnin like an ole possum, bouncin up and down in his chair like he gist won the $500million lottery. Hell, our dogs don't go that ballistic when they done treed a coon. Un Tim didn win nuthin cept showin he is stupid.

Us rednecks might be some dumb, but we ain't plum dumb. Kan't say the same for them TV idegits.

Jimmy Dick Bender

Faye said...

Fabulous!! Yes, BJ, you ARE good and I wish you were working for Clinton. You go girl! Love your blog! Love you, too. Faye

B.J. said...

Enjoying the comments! Noticed a lot of you are using “anonymous,” so I checked. Blogger has taken off the “nickname” selection. After you type your comment, just click on “Name/URL.” A new screen will come up, then you have to scrrol up to the top of the comments, and there is a place on the right to type your name. Thanks, BJ

Anonymous said...

I am female and I like Maureen Dowd. She is honest about what's going on with hillary. IF women are to become president of the United States, you do have quit whining. Usually, it's ladies first. If Barack had been asked the question first repeadtedly you woulda bitch about that. We fought for equality, not elect a woman first, no matter who she is, so we can say we had one. If you though hillary was so good, you should have called her and told her how bad she looked with the many faces of eve, the race baiting campaign tactics, and dirty campaign tactics. The majority of us see hillary as she really is and we're in no mood to hear any of that we poor women crap. So get a grip and get real.

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