Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Come one, come all to the largest town hall meeting ever held.

“Voices Across America” will be broadcast live Monday night on Hallmark Channel starting at 9 EST. Or you can watch it live on HillaryClinton.com.

Via satellite, persons in 22 states – Americans like you and me – will ask Hillary Clinton questions about issues of concern.

Questions are also being taken via the Internet.

Let your voice be heard! Submit your question HERE.

Invite your friends and kinfolks to join in this unique event.


eowyn said...

I will have to think about how to pose my question when Clinton has said garnishing wages is how health care will be paid for. I thought the healthcare industry was to undergo a change, not the people.

Papamoka said...

Hey Bj this one was filmed in my home town of Worcester, MA today!!! I wasn't able to make it to it but it was all over the local media over the weekend.

Frodo said...

The issue of enforcement, no matter how it is worded, is the "Achilles Heel" of this health care plan. The inference is that there will be something bizarre, like "Healthcare Police," and we all should know how quickly the best plans of mice and men fall by the wayside when we overlook the trees for want of the forest. With all due respect, sixteen years have not made the plan better, just more necessary by its absence.

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