Matthews blames 'racists'

An open letter to Steve Capus, president, NBC News (steve_capus@nbc.com):


Dear Sir:

Incredulous that Chris Matthews would appear on "Morning Joe" (8:30 a.m. ET) and blame "racist voters" for both misleading polls and Hillary Clinton's victory last night.

In truth, Matthews and MSNBC have relentlessly leveled personal attacks on Senator Clinton with sexist remarks - right up until she was declared the winner in New Hampshirre.

In reality, this is more about Matthews and other MSNBC personalities than anything - a backlash to constant personal attacks on her, delivered during your extensive campaign coverage.

In a farcical turn, it was almost amusing to see MSNBC and NBC "stars" sit around last night trying to figure out "what happened," when they themselves were part of what happened!

How is it that Don Imus was fired for his remarks, and Matthews and other MSNBC and NBC employees are allowed to continue insulting your female viewers' intelligence?

There are moments, sir, when Mr. Matthews' sanity is suspect. The evidence is on tape. Note his comments to Keith Olbermann about what the Clintons would do last night before they went to bed.

Dan Abrams and Mika Brzezinski have raised legitimate questions about the effects of such coverage of Senator Clinton, so why isn't NBC management listening?

You are in a postion to take a good look at this situation and correct it. Ultimately, MSNBC and NBC are going to be held responsible for such sexist, inaccurate and irresponsible reporting as more light is shed on the N.H. election results.


Ms. B, J. Trotter

NEXT POST: So, what happened in New Hampshire?


Papamoka said...

Chis Matthews has never impressed me and this latest gaph just proves why. While he was busy playing the race card he forgot that over 40% of NH voters are Independent's and can pick and choose what party to vote in.

Great post my friend...

Frodo said...

Chris Matthews was both gracious and apologetic Wednesday evening. Frodo believes that such action should be noted, and without a "yesbut." Don't stop your criticism, as Frodo continues his commentaries, lest we become too much like "them."

Eowyn said...

I don't have television, so all I get is what I read. Maybe in this case I'm lucky. I miss all the innuendos that sit on the fence til they get by or are called. Maybe what people put into writing is more civilized.