'Brave New World'

A neighbor’s little girl charmed my former husband and me: at age six, she was smart, had a great personality and, as my son put it, was “cute as a speckled puppy.” I invested time in her potential. She drew the line at my sharing stories from my past or of historical value, stopping me short with “B. J., it’s the Nineties!”


Since I first became cognizant of the world around me, I’ve worked really hard all my life – all 65 years of it – investing in my own potential, achieving dreams along the way and constantly seeking knowledge and truth.

On Monday I found out I’m “so yesterday.”

In other words, experience counts for nothing and summa cum laude don’t mean sh*t!

I will say this, I have lived long enough to see everything achieved by women in 20th Century America reduced to a 21st- Century fascination with bimbos whose only endowments lie below the neck.

On Monday I also heard a report that “most women in this country don’t believe the presidency is a job for a woman.” Sadly, the report was talking about the United States of America.

My sincere thanks to Dan Abrams of MSNBC and Alan Colmes of Fox News for concluding last night that the media have “gone overboard” with personal attacks against Hillary Clinton.

As I’ve stated before, apparently racial slurs are verboten and sexist slurs are de rigueur.

When the Boston Herald headline proclaimed of Senator Clinton, “She’s so yesterday,” it could have, at various points in our history, substituted the masculine pronoun in describing quite a few who went on to become president – not to mention a few of the current crop of hopefuls.

Two books just might be prescient of things to come: Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.

6:05 a.m. Joe Scarborough had been on the air five minutes when he characterized Hillary's emotional moment yesterday as having occurred when a woman asked her "how she was handling the stress of seeing her lead evaporate." That's not what the woman asked at all. She wanted to know how Hillary was handling the stress of campaigning. Just a brief example of distortion.

My feelings this morning?

“Oh, I belive in yesterday …” It’s a sure thing.

"DemWit" today: "Shallow facade of sincerity"

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