'A tale told by an idiot'

GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) proclaimed this week that the U.S. should bomb the holy Muslim sites, Mecca and Medina, as a “deterrent” to an Islamic fundamentalist attack on the U.S. Tancredo adviser Bay Buchanan concluded, “This shows we mean business.”

A State Department spokesman called Tancredo’s statements "reprehensible" and "absolutely crazy."

Incredible how claims of bringing “democracy” to the Muslim world are being skewed by the right wing’s blurring the distinction between Muslims and Islamic Jihadists.

Many on the right went after Barack Obama, claiming he is a Muslim educated in Muslim schools and calling him “B. Hussein Obama.” For a while, Pat Buchanan, who must hold the record for MSNBC appearances, referred to Obama as “Osama.”

Fox News, The Rev. Pat Robertson, Bo Dietl, Michael Savage, Pat Buchanan – all need to decide if we’re in this God-awful mess in Iraq to free Muslims or not.


Anonymous said...

One of Frodo's favorite words is "deterrent." It is alleged, for example, that one form of punishment is a "deterrent" to a certain behavior, e.g. "capital punishment" and "murder." Frodo once stated to a friend that there is no way to prove that relationship, but his friend pointed out that the punishment would deter the perpetrator from ever doing it again. Frodo was unable to argue with that logic.
Representative Tancredo applies the same logic to terrorism. Frodo is only glad that Tancredo does not have any legislative responsibility for people who may fudge on their income taxes, or drive too fast in the left lane. Didn't Tancredo play the Queen in "Through the Looking Glass?"

Sir Cumspect said...

Mr. Frodo:

You might have told your friend that, to date, 124 innocents have been freed after spending an average of nine years on death row.

Few things in life are worse than being falsely accused.

Unless, it's death.


Anonymous said...

The problem with "Fox News, The Rev. Pat Robertson, Bo Dietl, Michael Savage, Pat Buchanan,et al is that someone slipped five Carter's Little Liver Pills into their applesauce and blew their brains out! Jan thinks this took place at a White House Correspondents Dinner for the right-wing media and supporting affiliates. Hence, their crappy outlook.