Outing the sex police

I am no Dr. Ruth, but it’s apparent to me that sexual, cultural and religious suppression forces latent passions to come out, so to speak.

Les liaisons dangereuses have long enhanced history and fiction. Tales of randy dandies and femme fatales with voracious sexual appetites abound in history and literature – even in the Holy Bible.

Sex has been around since the Garden of Eden, where God blessed it for pleasure and companionship as well as procreation.

Lust has long been with us, as has hypocrisy. I have a problem with the latter.

To engage in dalliances that are nobody’s business is one thing, but to condemn others openly while hiding one’s own sexual exploits is another.

The list continues to grow of persons who, on the one hand, claim to be keepers of “moral values” while indulging in, to quote Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, “loo-ewd and lascivious” conduct.

The tote board is heavy on the side of the morality arbiters of the right-wing.

Sex sells. Cable news knows what appeals to prurient interests – whether peddling the latest sex scandal or exposing sexual predators.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, in my opinion, has a perverted obsession with all things outside what he deems the sexual “norm” - falafel fetish notwithstanding.

When public figures such as evangelists and politicians get caught practicing what they so loudly preach against, well, that’s one thing.

To enjoy a little healthy canoodling sans hypocrisy is another.


Anonymous said...

Frodo memorized a few words some years ago which he uses as a guide in assessing character. He listens to the positions, the arguments if you will, taken by those in leadership roles, and tries to determine their relative position to the following phrase" "Methinks he doth protest too much!"
For that reason, he questions the economic independence of Lou Dobbs. He similarly questions the sexual predisposition of Sam Brownback.
Say, wasn't "Brokeback Mountain" in Idaho?

Sir Cumspect said...

Mr. Frodo:

That one works for me, too!

Would love to hear what our old forum buddy Vicky has to say about her Idaho senator.


Anonymous said...

Jan was taught "a guilty dog barks the loudest." Everybody sing now "Hear them hounds, don'tcha you hear them hounds They are barking out their morals in the land..."

I think they were also baying something about their "Wee Willy Winkle?"

airth10 said...

If we could only have a sexcapade in the White House. Now that would be or add a finishing touch!

Anonymous said...

I think the mug shots of the Senator in question look a lot like Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man."