'Somebody oughta open up a window'

So much hot air:

* Refusing to be part of the “new Silent Majority,” I had written my two Republican senators in support of the immigration reform bill. Watched the quagmire on C-SPAN yesterday. These words describing Congress in the musical “1776” came to mind: “Piddle, twiddle and resolve; not one damn thing do they solve.” Impression: none seem to know what to do with illegal immigrants. The bill, which would have provided a “path to citizenship” – not “amnesty” – failed when most Republicans blocked Demoratic efforts to bring it to a final vote. So much for solving any of the associated problems this year. I guess the 78 to 80 percent of Americans, which several polls indicated supported this plan, failed to let their senators know their opinions. LINK
* There was good news, though. Yesterday, with a vote of 247 to 176, the U.S. House passed the bill easing restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. The bipartisan bill, previously passed by the U.S. Senate, now needs the president’s signature. The people have spoken. Congress has spoken. And, this good news will only be met with Bush’s promised veto. There are not likely to be enough votes to override the veto. LINK

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Anonymous said...

Frodo notes that our Fearless Leader has been stricken while at the G-8 Conference. Wonder what would happen to his proposed Veto on stem-cell research if it turned out to be Parkinson's?