Course correction

I ran across a LINK to corrections on MSNBC.com and was amused by this item:

“A Reuters story published May 30 incorrectly stated that Yoko Ono had eaten Corgi meat along with a British artist to protest the British royal family's treatment of animals. Ono did not eat the dog, and was not present at the radio station at the time of the event.”

Glad Yoko didn't eat the Corgi. Too bad about the British artist.


Anonymous said...

He tasted like chicken, or is "poodle" more appropriate in memory of George's Tony?--Frodo

airth10 said...

In a British movie of many years ago a food critic was served his own dog by and angry restauranteur who felt that he did not get a favorable review from said critic.

Anonymous said...

Hope she had the British artist with a nice Chianti and fava beans.

"Bush's poodle" as ambassador to the Middle East? Oh, now, that's a brilliant move.