Lou Dobbs, shut up!

I’ll make you a bet: between 6 and 7 p.m. ET any weeknight, flip to CNN, and if, within one minute, Lou Dobbs doesn’t say “illegal immigrants” or “broken borders,” I’ll treat you to lunch and a Long Island Tea!

CNN brought Dobbs on this morning at 8:15 “to explain the immigration issue.” That’s like bringing on Pope Innocent III to explain the Inquisition.

During the interview Dobbs stated that the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll shows that Americans “oppose this plan (path to citizenship) by a margin of three to one.”

OK, Lou, you’ve already been called on falsely claiming there have been 7,000 new cases of leprosy in this country in the last three years – implying that illegal Mexican immigrants are bringing this most dreaded of diseases into the country.

A search of google and news.google just now reveals, as I reported earlier in this blog, that 78 percent of Americans, according to the poll Dobbs cited, approve of granting illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

I am not, in this post, taking a stance on this issue. I am merely pointing out that Lou Dobbs has become so obsessed with this issue – he’s been a stuck record on the subject for years now – that he can no longer separate reality from fiction.


Two brief posts follow.


Anonymous said...

Frodo knows where Lou can get an elephant to guard his borders.

Sir Cumspect said...

LOL!!! Would that be the elephant that can recite The Patriot Act? Great idea! Frodo needs to post the URL here.