'You can never grow old'

My buddy Chris is a “special” young man and was here for a long weekend. On Sunday morning, Howard Kurtz (CNN’s “Reliable Sources”) was listing some stories buried by cable news’ overkill coverage of Anna Nicole Smith.

Kurtz mentioned a “peanut butter recall.”

BJ: “Chris, I wonder what brand of peanut butter?”

Chris: “Why don’t you go online and find out?”

BJ: “Good idea.”

Chris and I then went to the pantry and pulled out a 40-ounce jar of Peter Pan creamy which we had pretty much polished off over the past month.

ConAgra had recalled Peter Pan peanut butter with lids bearing a lot number starting with “2111.” The lot had caused an outbreak of salmonella poisoning, affecting some 300 persons in 39 states.

BJ: “Chris, do you see any numbers on the yellow lid?”

Chris: “Yes.”

BJ: “Can you read them to me?”

Chris: “2-1-1-1-6-2-8-2-0-0-1-8-4-8-8.”

Chris and I had consumed 40 ounces of the glorious golden goo – “Lot 2111” - and were none the worse for having done so.

I cannot shake the feeling that the two of us might have ended up in the hospital with only my cooking to blame.

Peter Pan is my brand, and I wouldn’t change, but this does give a whole new meaning to “You can never, never grow old.”


AWG said...

Glad y'all are okay! I love p.b.

Anonymous said...

We had three jars, one of which was almost completely obliterated. Mick, the wonder Dog, and Fiona, take medicine willingly when concealed in peanut butter. The recall required an emergency trip to Publix for untainted jars or Fiona's pills would sit untouched forever.