The plane truth

If Jay Leno, in his man on the street interviews, asked, “Who is next in the ‘line of succession’ for the presidency – after the vice president?”, I would bet 10 out of 10 wouldn’t have a clue. I’ve got a burr under my saddle over the right-wing indignation that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is getting a secure plane for flights to California. Calling the plane “The Flying Lincoln Bedroom” and “Pelosi One” stirs the ire of the uneducated. Mrs. Pelosi, in her new position, is second in line for the presidency after Dick Cheney, and the plane is provided for security to protect our “continuity of government.” Pelosi has been provided the plane by the Sergeant-of-Arms of the U.S. House of Representatives, and that’s SOP! All this strengthens my argument that every high school student in this country should be required to take a course in how our government works! I did. “Government and Economics,” taught by "Big John" O'Leary, tenth grade.

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