Pilot episode: high comedy?

The jokes are flying about the female astronaut now making headlines. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post called her an “astronut.” PUNdits are dropping zingers left and right: “The 10,000-Mile-High Club,” and “How can an astronaut not be considered a flight risk?” Newsweek’s Howard Fineman, on Imus this morning, dubbed this “Lust in Space,” but my friend Bill, in a comment here yesterday, said it first. Lisa Nowak. I’m not even going there!

Nothing like good ole “gore and gallows” humor when a situation is as bizarre as this, so share yours by clicking on “Comment” below. You don’t have to be a registered visitor to join the fun; just initial your comment and click on “anonymous.” Read comments by clicking on post titles.


Anonymous said...

It gives new meaning to the words "Star Wars!" LOL

Frodo said...

See "Astronaughty" at Frodo. How quickly we forget when we have (gasp) Anna Nicole instead.