Put a lid on it!

One of the advantages of being online when you’re visually impaired and can’t run out and shop at will is finding what you need and having it delivered, sometimes next day, to your front door.

Here’s the rub:

Sometimes the particular item you’re looking for has too much photo and not enough description.

I am looking for a SERIOUS pot for cooking a big batch of my homemade soup – tomatoes, veggies, potatoes and lots of beef stew meat!

For most of the country this morning, it’s soup time! Nothing better on a cold day!

This morning I emailed the only person in the world I would dare ask – my reporter friend Bill, who happens to have a little leisure time while recuperating from surgery at home – to look at various online photos of assorted Dutch ovens, soup pots and stock pots with the simple request to tell me if they have lids on them.

Bill rarely lets me down when I yell for help, with such requests often prefaced by, “Your mission, Mr. Phelps … “

Help is needed because, well, one is supposed to ascertain whether the pots have lids from photos, when descriptions are not available, and some folks can’t see photos.

Like “Seinfeld,” this is a post about nothing. Except, my usual complaint: “There are no wheelchair ramps for the visually impaired!”
At least not while you’re out and about or shopping online.

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