'Houston, we have a problem'

An astronaut love triangle, a snuff bag filled with a BB gun and $600 cash and a woman who drives 900 miles nonstop to seek revenge on “the other woman” – the plot of the latest hot novel? No, today’s big headline! Willie Guise on with “Tucka” – Tucker Carlson of MSNBC – asked the logical question, if the lady astronaut had to stop for gasoline, why didn’t she go to the bathroom then?” That question was later raised by Keith Olbermann of the same cable news channel. The logical answer, of course, is, “Depends.”

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drakesix said...

On the "Wonkette" site, one commentator writes he wants as the name for his new indie band "Astronaut Love Triangle."
I'm sure his first hit will be "Lust in Space."