Welcome to America

Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” feature on MSNBC is always entertaining, but Monday night’s winner was just too good not to pass along:

“The winner, your Department of Homeland Security. For the second time in a year, it has detained at a U.S. airport a Mr. Shahid Malik of Great Britain; this time searched Washington Dulles for explosives.

“Last year he said it happened at JFK. This time he said the other two men detained with him in the interrogation room were black men with Muslim names.

“Couple of problems here, Mr. Malik was in our country to meet with the Department of Homeland Security. He‘s not just some British guy with a Muslim name. He‘s with the British government. You know, Mr. Bush‘s partners in the war on terrorists. In fact, he‘s the British minister for international development. He‘s in the cabinet.

“And, we patted him down for explosives at Dulles, again!

“Your Department of Homeland Security, inspiring new anti-American terrorists since 2001, today‘s Worst Persons in the World!”


Frodo said...

Frodo once met a lady with the name Fazi Foufa (pronounced exactly as it is spelled). Frodo has often wondered what she has undergone at the hands and plastic gloves of the Department of Homeland Insecurity.

fazifoufa said...

Hi Frodo.
I fared just fine with our distinguished Department of Homeland Security. However I often wonder what this other fellow has gone through... His Name is Barack Obama...