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The buzz on missing bees

The importance of honey bees in our world cannot be underestimated. Columbia University scientists might have solved the mystery of the disappearance of billions of bees – a devastating condition known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” or CCD. Watch the NBC Nightly News report: LINK

Powell: ‘Terrorists cannot change us’

“Former Secretary of State Colin Powell doesn't think it's terrorists that pose the biggest risk to this country. About the greatest threat facing this country, Powell tells GQ magazine: ‘People will say it's terrorism, but are there any terrorists in the world who can change the American way of life or our political system? No. Can they knock down a building? Yes. Can they kill somebody? Yes. But, can they change us? No. Only we can change ourselves. So, what's the great threat we're facing?’

“Powell also says that he would approach the problem of terrorism differently. He says we should send in military forces when there's a target. But, beyond that, he would look for opportunities to create initiatives that help the world - things that move us toward more respect for human rights: creating democratic institutions and increasing the efficiency of market economies.

“He says that this doesn't mean there isn't a terrorist threat, but rather that we are ‘taking too much counsel of our fears,’ adding we shouldn't destroy ourselves and use fear for political purposes.”

- Jack Caffery, “The Situation Room,” CNN, 9/10/2007 (LINK)

‘Do Not Call’ list expiring

Registrations on the “Do Not Call” list are beginning to expire. Go to the link below and click on “Verify a Registration.” This EASY process will generate an email which will verify whether your home phone is registered, will tell you the date you registered and the date your registration will expire. (LINK)

Democracy or theocracy?

A new poll, conducted by the non-partisan First Amendment Center, shows 65 percent of Americans say our nation's founders intended the U.S. to be a Christian nation, and 55 percent say the Constitution established a Christian nation.

As for public schools, 58 percent say teachers should be allowed to lead prayers; 43 percent say that public schools should be allowed to put on nativity re-enactments with Christian music; and 50 percent say teachers should be allowed to use the Holy Bible as factual text in history class.

Finally, only 56 percent of Americans believe that freedom of religion applies to all groups.

Source: CNN (LINK)

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