The perfect storm

Thanks to NBC for highlights of the concert the British princes sponsored to celebrate their mom’s birthday and benefit charities.

Worth the hour to hear Rod Stewart’s “Wake up, Maggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you.”

Boy, did I get a wake-up call this weekend.

A reminder of how one’s words can be interpreted – or misinterpreted.

My last post drew an interesting range of responses from friends.

One, concerned about “broken borders” and “illegal immigrants” believes I have called him a “racist.”

Another emailed: “Whew!
Sure hope you have the energy to read this after all that heavy lifting saving the world for truth, justice and the American way all by your lonesome, Superwoman.
Actually, you are not the only enlightened one around doing something. It's just some of us like to keep it on the "Mission: Impossible" Q-T side, say no more, say no more.”

Yet another sent me a chart I couldn’t see – with the subject line: “What they are doing to us.” I couldn’t even tell who “they” are!

A couple of days ago, in a comment, it was suggested, tongue in cheek, “Can’t you do more frivolous stuff?“

God knows I try.

Over to your left, in my “blog description,” I state: “This is not a site for readers of cereal boxes and USA Today. People who make up words from the letters of the brand name on their cigarettes will be baffled. This is a site for the naturally curious, the politically engaged and constant learners.”

As I sat down to the keyboard this morning, I started a frivolous and funny post titled, “Love letters from the sewer.” But, I’m just not in the mood for frivolous or funny.

Last night I was doing a little channel surfing en route to Tim Russert’s 10 p.m. rerun on MSNBC.

Fox Newss’ Sean Hannity stopped me in my tracks, in the final 12 minutes of his show, calling Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” a piece of trash, citing a scientific study debunking Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and linking Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez via South Carolinian actor Danny Glover.

So, I typed the title “Hannity’s America.” But, my heart wasn’t in it.

Maybe, I thought, I could write about how awful MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is, but I’ve already filled my rant quota for the year.

Or, how about cable news three-day blast of hysteria? Nope. My faithful readers already know my thoughts on fearmongering.

So, I thought I would just write about my feelings this morning.


Anonymous said...

Gee! Are you sure we are allowed feelings and a thought of our own? Did "The Bush-Cheney-Menion-Team" do away with all of that? They have made so many new laws for themselves and taken away the ones our forefathers gave us. They are above these pesky Constitutional laws. The rest of us are supposed to grovel at their feet in ignorance.

You know, like the biblical Lazarus begging crumbs from the rich man, Dive's table. Then Dive's begging for a drop of water for his parched tongue.

Check with the gestapo to see if you are allowed feelings and thoughts of your own!

airth10 said...

"So, I thought I would just write about my feelings this morning."

Well, I thought I would just make a comment about the trash reference to Rachel Carson. It doesn't matter what Hannity said about her work because its had an impact for the better and its positive results are everywhere. Her work has influenced the thinking of today, which is inextricable

I am also thinking of something that happened around the same time "Silent Spring" was released, which reinforced what Carson said and made people take notice. It was a fire that occurred in the river that flows through Cleveland. It was so polluted with oil and sludge that it caught fire. From that moment on American cities knew they should do something about their polluted water fronts and clean up that garbage perhaps Sean Hannity was really talking about.

Anonymous said...

Frodo thinks that you should find a rock-and-roll band that needs a helping hand. We can't make a living out of shootin' pool. First thing you know it'll be late September. . .returning from a self-imposed news blackout (well, almost)where he did carpentry work (and more than a little fishin'), Frodo and Sam will have things to say. Postings in the interim were Windows 95 on a dial-up where the first thing you say is "Hello?, Central?", and it no longer recognizes your printer--damn, Frodo thinks he looks just the same.