Now, it's working ...

There’s a joke in upstate South Carolina about two Clemson University students riding around campus. The driver pulls over and asks his buddy to get out and tell him if his right blinker is working. The buddy yells back to the driver, “Now, it’s working; now, it’s not; now, it’s working, now it’s not.”

So, is the so-called U.S. troop “surge” in Iraq working – or not?

Can the surge be working when armed U.S. troops celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the heart of a Muslim country?

Can the surge be working when a single American soldier looks into the camera and wishes his family “Happy Holidays” with tears running down his cheeks?

Can the surge be working when there are those who would have the United States become a fundamentalist theocracy while our soldiers are dying to prevent one in a Muslim country?

Can the surge be working when U.S. troops are fighting to liberate Iraqis from years of tyranny while the Bush administration has systematically chipped away at our own freedoms here?

Can the surge be working when major Iraqi factions cannot exist in harmony, and there are, quite literally, "warring" factions right here in America?

Can the surge be working as long as the neoconservatives who have shaped this administration’s foreign policy are building the world’s largest foreign embassy – a virtual fortress – in Baghdad with plans for a U.S. presence and U.S. bases protecting Iraq’s oil reserves for the unforeseeable future?

And, finally, you are hearing that the surge is working militarily, if not in terms of a successful Iraqi government. Is this true?

Examine six periods of this almost five-year war in terms of U.S. troop deaths in Iraq, verified by the DoD:

20 March 2003 through 1 May 2003 (end of major combat operations): 140 in 43 days

2 May 2003 through 28 June 2004 (sovereignty turned over to Iraq): 718 in 424 days

29 June 2004 through 30 January 2005 (Iraq elections): 580 in 216 days

31 January 2005 through 14 December 2005 (Iraq general elections): 715 in 318 days

15 December 2005 through 31 January 2007: 933 in 412 days

Beginning of the surge – 1 February 2007 to date: 811 in 328 days

Total deaths: 3,897 U.S. troops (Total coalition: UK, 174; other, 133)


Anonymous said...

What happened to the days when the guy in charge was on the battlefield. This war would be over with one swipe of a pen if Bush had to actually fight for our country. He is too protected and he knows nothing will happen to him. He has daughters who are not going to the war and his family is safe. He must think of the troops as the clones in the Star Wars movies because he doesn't care weather on not they exist. He can always get more. I don't see how this is a democracy when most of America wants the war to end. Can't we vote on this? Is it really that hard to correct his mistakes? Can't we go over his head by bringing it back to the people? I really feel helpless on this issue and realize that in many ways, once our democratic duty of election has been done, we live in somewhat of a dictatorship. I love this country and all of its freedoms but why can a president with such an approval rating continue to do what he feels is best for the country while the voice of the country is muted? I am a grad student and meet foriegn people daily. They are always confused as to why I want this war. It is a shame that I must tell them that the American people can't do anything about it and that I don't want this war. We are in a wonderful country! How do we keep it wonderful by actually implementing the opinions of the Americans rather than it's leader. I was once of the opinion that the president was the voice of the country. Now I realize that the country relenquishes its voice for someone else to do the work no matter how poorly they do. I am tired of Americans dying. What is that bible verse? ...something about taking the splinter out of your own eye before addressing the splinter in someone elses. We have to many problems in our own country that need addressing. I am tired of addressing others problems. Yes... If they ask for help we can give them help only if our needs come first. Well, I am stepping down from the soap box. LOL. Let's find a way to stop the troops from dying!!!

Papamoka said...


Amazing post my friend and I would love to steal aka borrow it and post it over on my own site. Say the word and it will be done. Full credit of course back to your post.

Awesome read!

Eowyn said...

". . .once our democratic duty of election has been done, we live in somewhat of a dictatorship." I have been wrestling with that all my life.

I try to see that any person, and people, can make a difference. But . . .you said it. I think in most ways that is the case. We have a "limited freedom." And it may be the best in the world. But I do not by any means feel that we are not a country in which the branches of the government are not "weighted." I don't by any means think the people rule. We do rule through our elected officials to some extent. But who they pay homage to often remains a mystery.

One must never never be silent to these thoughts, no matter what it brings back to you. That is the only way "the people" will ultimately be heard. It always seems in this country that the voice of the people is not totally drowned. My question is is that a plus or a plecebo in this current time? Not the first administration this question has come up.

There have been better times. Maybe we'll see them again.